The Horse is Dead. Time to Get a New Horse.

Fifty years of neoliberalism embraced by the corporate two-party duopoly, eviscerating the working class, and swelling the ranks of the poor, the off-shoring of the once good paying jobs of industry, the gargantuan money pit of global military and financial hegemony, all in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and an economic collapse, the latter shored up by the infusion of trillions to the corporations that brought us to this brink.

Does the assault on D.C. and help given by police in D.C. to right-wing extremists descending upon the capital and encouraged by POTUS have any connection to this?

And now this, history mirroring itself, though not a repetition due to differing conditions and the dying system — international in scope — is the 2021 version of the impotent Weimar Republic. Democrats and Republicans dither, ignoring and immune to the demands and needs of the people, they incapable of a feigned nod to the mass of citizens whose anger and despair is at a tipping point.

A connection maybe? An empire sliding into the abyss?

And, yes, again, now this. Trump’s authoritarian hubris and relentless assaults on anyone and anything not serving his inflated, imperial ego, his feigned manly game-show personality making Republicans — and feckless Democrats — cower before him, they more concerned with any advantage that will keep the money rolling in from their corporate masters to fill their coffers, serving the people hardly an afterthought.

In the end, this their raison d’etre?

Our famous men in Blue. Upholders of law and order, so neutered in their stance against the conspiracy-swelled brains of a mob, the police incapable (or maybe facilitating) this right-wing extremist threat on the Capitol. No doubt if the mob were Black Live Matters protestors and its cohort of supporters, the bludgeons would have let loose, the tear gas would have clouded the air to break the “protest.” Better preparations would have been made, the numbers of “peacemakers” enlarged to overwhelm the crowd, the armored paddy wagons in the ready, a force would have been mustered, many shots surely fired.

Could not the opposite forms of justice be better exemplified and the faction that truly is in charge be shown for what it is?

But these were Trump supporters. People whose leader and antics have enriched the mainstream media by its relentless use of distraction to keep the empire unimpeded, the narratives on track. Protectors of power, they hide the great theft and inadequacies of our leaders, keep them buried beneath an endless back and forth of fabricated liberal/ conservative wars, neither party remotely they once were.

Or maybe what they always were.

The denouement playing on the stage of the U.S. Capitol with neo-fascist nationalists storming the gates of a broken political system, with a Make America Great Again slogan ironically in contrast to an empire in deep and quickening decline. There is no renewal, but an ending this is not. No tidy wrapping up of a tragedy where order is restored, by those who have brought us to this point. There will be no arrival from within the system of a Fortinbras from within to effectively establish political legitimacy once again. The U.S. is broken, a corrupted and weakened failed empire.

This failure is more than Trump. More than right-wing extremists given free rein in the Capital. It is more than a two=party system designed to give the illusion of democracy. It is about us. It is about what we must do. We cannot wait for those who broke the system to fix it. We must seize the narrative, expose the culprits and the system, and make it new. We will write our own script, one based on the many, not the few. We will no longer serve the engines of a failed, capitalist system that has led to chaos, poverty, the gunning down of people of color, of all colors, on our streets.

That is why I support the formation of a new party built by Labor, by and for the working class, by and for the oppressed people in our cities and those who suffer in our rural communities.

We must analyze this moment clearly. It is a crisis of capitalism dressed in an election debate and being spun as something other than what it is. It is the failures of a failed state, one that has been failing for decades all while picking up speed.

That is why I support Labor and Community for an Independent Party (LCIP) and disavow either of the two important parties and those who forever have lorded over us, stolen our future of not only those at home, but also the future of uncountable millions across the globe. Join us to build a truly democratic, bottom-up party, one created in the communities and by the working people of this nation. It will require effort. It will require local organizing and outreach to those in your community. We wait for no savior, no Fortinbras to bring order and tidy up our endings. We must save ourselves, be our own physicians.

Socialist, unionist, anti-imperialist, anti-racist, internationalist, and a fairly nice guy too. Let's make some change.